Farm Boxes

Choose one of our carefully curated farm boxes!  Every week we pick the season’s best from San Diego County local farms and put together a well-rounded variety of fruits and veggies to please your taste buds and rock your body!  We get our produce from a variety of local farms. Many of the farms we are certified organic, such as Be Wise, Stehly, and Sweet Tree Farms.  Some of the small farms we work with are not certified organic, but they practice natural pest control.

You can also  customize your farm box subscription.

Then tell us how often you want to get it delivered.  So simple.

Place your order by this Sunday and we’ll bring it to you this coming week!

  • Fruit & Veggie Farm Box

    From: $25.00 every 2 weeks
  • Juicer’s Detox Box

    From: $33.00 every 2 weeks
  • Veggie Box

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    From: $25.00 every 2 weeks
  • Organic Bananas

    From: $1.60 every 2 weeks
  • Local Avocado Box

    From: $16.00 every 2 weeks
  • Fresh Snack Box

    From: $35.00 every 2 weeks
  • local organic fruit box

    Organic Fruit Box – Small

    From: $30.00 every 2 weeks
  • Citrus Medley

    From: $15.00 every 2 weeks
Or Create Your Customized Farm Box

Eggs & Dairy Add-ons

  • Organic Pastured Eggs – subscription

    From: $9.25 every 4 weeks
  • Local Free Range Eggs – one time only

  • Local Free Range Eggs – subscription

    Rated 5 out of 5
    From: $6.00 every 4 weeks
  • Organic Pastured Eggs – one time only

  • Spring Hill Jersey Butter

  • Cheese Curd

  • Smoked Cheese

  • Organic Cheeses

    From: $9.00 every 4 weeks

Bakery Add Ons