A naturally perfect gift anyone will appreciate and remember! Fresh & local, Daily Harvest gift baskets also make a unique customer appreciation gift.

Our gift basket page is divided into two sections: (1) Shipping to anywhere in the US: Items that do not include cheese, meat, or eggs, and softer fruits can be shipped anywhere in the country; (2) Delivery to greater San Diego only: Items that can only be delivered anywhere in the greater San Diego area.

Gift baskets that can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States

Hand-crafted food gifts that can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States

  • CBD Organics Water

  • Baruka nuts

    Barùkas Supernuts

    From: $5.50 every 2 weeks
  • JoJé Bar – 3 Pack

  • Solar Rain 9 PH Water

  • El Nopalito Chips – 20oz

    From: $4.50 every 2 weeks
  • corn tortillas

    El Nopalito corn tortillas-3 dozen

    From: $4.50 every 2 weeks
  • So Rich! Chocolates

  • Grass Fed Beef Jerky


Gift baskets that can only be delivered to our local San Diego delivery areas.

Not sure if you’re in our area? Find out!

  • California Avocado Lovin’ Package

  • Farmers Market Basket

  • Local San Diego gift baskets and other holiday gifts

    Fruit of the Month Club

    From: $40.00 / month for 12 months
  • Fruit & Veggie Box Delivered

    Gift of Health! Fresh Farm Box Delivery Subscription

    From: $33.00 for 1 week
  • Get Well Gift Basket

    Care Package

  • Organic Gift Basket

    Holiday Artisan Basket

  • Jumbo Gift Fruit Basket

  • Large Gift Fruit Basket

  • Fruit & Gift Basket

    Morning Glory Breakfast Basket

  • Medium Gift Fruit Basket

  • Small Fruit Basket

  • Snack Basket – Medium

  • Olive Oil Gift Basket

    The Foodie Gift

  • Organic Gift Basket

    Artisanal Snack Gift Basket

  • Cookies from Elizabethan Desserts

  • Bake & Olive Gift Basket

    Gourmet Olive and Vinegar set

  • Gift Certificate

  • Sweet Treats Gift Basket