Beets – 1 bunch


Local & Organically grown Beets from Be Wise Farms.

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Local & Organically grown Beets from Be Wise Farms.

Beets can be roasted, steamed, boiled, pickled, or eaten raw.

  • Make your own beetroot juice by peeling beetroot and blending with a combination of fresh orange, mint and pineapple or apples, lemon, and ginger. Blend and strain.
  • Grate raw beets and add them to coleslaw or your favorite salad.
  • Top roasted beets with goat cheese for a perfect pairing.
  • Add sliced pickled beets to your favorite salad and top with goat cheese.
  • Slice raw beets and serve them with lemon juice and a sprinkle of chili powder.


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